Extra Virgin Greek Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Greek Olive Oil, produced without any chemical fertilizers or pesticides, using the time-honored organic methods, is made from the acclaimed Koroneiki variety olives, sustainably grown in centuries-old groves. Carefully gathered by hand without mechanical means, these organic olives are taken to a nearby mill within a few hours from picking to maintain all the valuable components and guarantee the lowest olive oil acidity. The olives are immediately cold pressed and malaxed less than 20 minutes in order to preserve their lovely fruity and spicy flavor and distinctive aroma.

Greek Olives

Symbol of wisdom, peace and glory, the olive tree has been cultivated in Greece since antiquity. Indeed, the sacred tree of the goddess Athena was held in such great esteem that the prize for victory at the ancient Olympic Games was not gold or silver but a simple wreath made from olive twigs. In ancient Pylos, archaeologists discovered the earliest written forms of ‘olive’ and ‘olive oil’ on clay tablets inscribed in Linear B script which date to 1300 BC, providing evidence that Messinia was among the first regions to cultivate the olive. According to Herodotus, writing in the 5th century BC, olives were so sacred that only virgins and eunuchs were allowed to grow the trees.

Greek Feta & Manouri Cheese

Feta cheese comes highly recommended by fitness experts across the world. Feta cheese is a brined curd cheese made from sheep’s milk. Feta is touted to be a healthier cheese as compared to other counterparts.

Manouri is a Greek semi-soft,fresh white whey cheese made from goat or sheep milk as a by-product following the production of feta. It is produced primarily in Thessalia and Macedonia in central and northern Greece. Manouri is creamier than feta, because of the addition of cream to the whey.